Operational Turnaround

Most troubled companies struggle with operational issues in addition to cash flow problems and excess debt. Most consultants, however, with backgrounds in finance, focus on fiscal matters and direct their energies away from the company’s day-to-day shop keeping. But no turnaround can be successful over the long term unless a company’s underlying operations compete with those of industry leaders to sustain balance sheet successes.

Whether it involves rationalizing the physical environment of the lumber yard or incentivizing the labor force to increase productivity, we understand the importance of evaluating and improving daily working procedures. That’s why we’ve assembled such a multi-disciplined team of skilled professionals, rarely found at other consulting firms. With decades of experience in repairing operations, Hamstreet & Associates has engineered some of the most remarkable turnarounds in the industry.

We take advantage of current management tools, experienced operational advisors, and the existing know-how of company employees to develop and implement recovery plans for our clients. We aim to assist our client in challenging its top competitors within 18 to 36 months.

By addressing operational and financial concerns side-by-side, Hamstreet & Associates has achieved dramatic results and distinguishes itself from the crowds of financial consultants. Operational turnarounds are more difficult than a merely financial approach, but the rewards— both to us and our clients— are correspondingly greater.