Interim Management, CRO, and Executive Services

Negotiating a complex emergency that threatens a company’s very survival is not what most management teams regularly do for a living. The same can’t be said of Hamstreet & Associates’ experienced turnaround professionals: leading businesses through critical times is our specialty. We do so in a variety of capacities—from outside advisor all the way up to Chief Restructuring Officer, interim CFO, or interim CEO.  Hamstreet & Associates assumes whatever roles and responsibilities the company’s situation and its creditors may require.

Our uniquely qualified staff of advisors includes a high proportion of senior executives with diverse industry experience at major regional, national, and international corporations. Our principals and consultants have served as CRO, CEO, CFO, CIO, and COO. Like the executives who run our clients’ companies, all of our professionals have practical, hands-on experience managing firms in the real world. Unlike most other executives, however, they specialize not only in running what already works, but in fixing what doesn’t.

Whether or not Hamstreet & Associates steps into management’s shoes or works alongside it as CRO, our goal is the same as our client’s: to return the company to profitability as quickly as possible. Our success is measured only by yours.