Financial Restructuring

The drought descends just when your crops demand water most urgently—another few days or weeks without liquid and all might be lost. Too often this unhappy agricultural scenario applies metaphorically to troubled businesses: cash dries up just when liquidity is most needed. When this happens, financial crisis can quickly wither a company.

In the modern business world, Hamstreet & Associates comes as close as you'll get to finding the needed rain doctor. Our financial experts know how to assess a company’s cash situation rapidly, stabilize it, and manage it successfully. Meanwhile our analysts perform swift, accurate evaluations of corporate viability. With these tools in hand, our restructuring professionals can develop new or existing lending relationships that help buy the time needed to turn our client around.  Since 2002 the firm has concluded two national-scale engagements as Chief Restructuring Officer leading to dramatic turnarounds.

As the restructuring process unfolds beyond the initial crisis phase, Hamstreet & Associates will look hard at debt structure, capital structure, and at operational, informational, and other systems to evaluate their appropriateness to our client’s industry, capabilities, and goals. Our diversely talented consultants and advisors work together to produce and implement creative, comprehensive strategies. We take pride in adopting a multifaceted approach to our client’s affairs. Most often, financial and operational initiatives work in tandem to achieve success. We help our clients achieve the fiscal rationality and responsibility needed to keep operations going.

Securing the financial conditions in which great results can flourish is our first and one of our most important tasks.