Business Assessment

Company executives, lenders, and board members make decisions that affect the bottom line nearly every day.  Sometimes those decisions require knowledge of external conditions such as market trends, competitor activity, or property valuations—information that people naturally seek from outside sources.  Often, however, the knowledge required for a particular decision is based on factors occurring within a company.  In such cases, the need for outside advice may be less obvious, but even more necessary.

Hamstreet & Associates conducts rapid, accurate, and thorough assessments that help interested parties learn what they need to know about a given business or business plan.  Never content to accept apparent realities or easy solutions that fail to address the issues, Hamstreet & Associates assists senior management, lenders, investors, and other stakeholders in making timely and informed decisions.  We employ a rigorous, synthetic approach that addresses financial, operational, informational, and strategic systems. Our neutral position and breadth of experience help us evaluate information objectively.  We offer our clients penetrating reports and insightful recommendations.

Whatever your present situation, knowing the truth about where you stand will help you improve it. For a clearer view, contact us today.