Kathrine Barton

Kathrine BartonMs. Barton is an experienced accountant and financial officer with considerable background in the corporate renewal industry.  Originally a tax accountant, Ms. Barton began working with distressed companies as a senior consultant with Hamstreet & Company in 1988 (subsequently Glass & Associates).  Along the way she gained special expertise in the forest products industry and subsequently served as treasurer of Menasha Forest Products Corporation.  After playing a key role in the sale of that business, Ms. Barton rejoined Hamstreet & Associates in 2007.

In her 16 years’ of experience as a turnaround professional, Ms. Barton has worked closely with lenders in obtaining and maintaining loan arrangements.  She has prepared expert activity-based costing and financial projection models and analyses that aid in developing turnaround strategies and measuring a company’s progress once a strategy is adopted.  She is skilled in developing detailed cashflow models to help control extremely limited funds on the part of our clients, and has negotiated payment terms with creditor-vendors to ensure ongoing supplies of inventory.  When called upon, she has served Hamstreet clients as CFO and controller.

Ms. Barton has worked with lenders, creditors, and their attorneys on an ongoing basis, and has appeared as an expert witness in Bankruptcy Court.  Other bankruptcy work includes claims analysis, disbursements, and monitoring compliance with bankruptcy terms. 
As treasurer of Menasha, Ms. Barton designed and implemented systems for financial accounting and reporting, cash management, and payroll.  She managed 401(k) conversions, prepared corporate tax returns, developed an internal financial reporting system, and performed financial modeling for use in obtaining financing and for valuation purposes. She also built comprehensive annual budget models and 20-year financial projections. 

Ms. Barton is a sharp, seasoned, and dedicated professional who gives everything she can to help our clients succeed.